Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jardinains very popular game

Jardinains a very popular game no need for install already install just
download for free and enjoy
* Fixed several bugs that caused "Illegal Memory Address" errors to occur.
* Fixed the "Neverending-bouncing ball" problem.
* Added "Current Player" display and copyright notice to main menu.
* Made minor modifications to artwork.
* Nains 150% as likely as before to throw flowerpots.
* Added Screenshot capablility.
* Added sound prefs memory.
* Fixed a minor bug in high score update.
* Fixed a minor bug with cheat codes.
* Fixed a bug with the sound that caused the music to stop playing after lots of
   explosions at once.
* Modified brickbomb, laser powerups.
* Made minor modifications to certain levels; added levels 41 and 42.
* Various and sundry changes I can't think of right now
Download here


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